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Bequeathed by Sir A.W.Franks.
It is a detail of female costume jewellery.
This buckle is of gilded copper alloy with punched geometric decoration and is inlaid with blue glass and garnets. It would have been worn on a woman's belt in traditional Gothic style: her dress would have been fastened at the shoulder by a pair of silver-sheeted bow brooches. The absence of animal decoration, so typical of other Germanic peoples, is noteworthy: it reflects the Visigoths' closer contacts with the Mediterranean world after their long migration from the lower Danube region to Spain.

This type of buckle, with a large rectangular plate, is ultimately of Roman origin. It was produced in a wide variety of designs under the Visigoths, making much use of brightly coloured glass and garnets. It therefore seems likely that a garnet workshop existed in Visigothic Hispania. As eastern Mediterranean styles became popular at the end of the sixth century, these buckles went out of fashion.

Лондон: музей Британский
London: British museum
6 в. From Spain.
Gilded copper.
Garnets. »
M&ME AF.523
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