Крест {je1341}
Cross »
A depiction of the Trinity is delicately engraved on the front of this pendant cross, which is actually a shallow capsule. An image of the Virgin and Child decorates the back. The stems that extend from beneath the arms of the cross at an angle originally held pearls; at the bottom edge there is a hole that once held a bell. The tau, or T-shaped cross, was associated with the Order of Saint Anthony's fire - a toxic condition caused by the consumption of spoiled rye - was widespread, and the order founded many so-called Antonine hospitals. The capsule most likely held an herbal compound used in treating the burning heat that was primary symptom of the disease.
Found in a field at Winteringham.
Нью-Йорк: Метрополитен
New York: Metropolitan museum of art
~1485. England.
Cast and engraved gold. »
1990.283a, b
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Ювелирная шкатулка
Jewelry box
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