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Ливень золота
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Краков: музей Национальный
Crakow: The National Museum
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In upper part there are Danaë, surrounded by her women, in the middle and Zeus on the left. Zeus is shown as winged youth in a crown, with scepetre in his right hand and flaming bowl in his left; the drops of the "shower of gold" are visible above the figure announce the beginning of Zeus' metamorphosis. On the right there are Danaë and Zeus in the bronze tower.

A moralizing explanation of the symbolism of the "shower of gold" is given below: a picture of the power of gold over women's hearts. Zeus the seducer stands in the middle, beside him chests with jewels, on the left a train of women awaiting a gifts.

~ 1515...20. Brussels.
Wool and silk.
7 warp threads per 1 cm.
MNK XIII-2546.
предмет с изображением:
посвящённый предмет:
Ювелирная шкатулка
Jewelry box
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