Бутыль {je1382}
Bottle »
Гроздь винограда
Bunch of grapes »
Краков: музей Национальный
Crakow: The National Museum
~1575. ~Venice.
Горный хрусталь.
Mountain crystal. »
Enamel. »

Crystal, hollowed inside, with a narrow neck and a flat three-leaved spout. The neck is clasped by a gilded band with floral motifs on a background of black enamel, perhaps covering the join of the bunch with the neck, made from separate piece of crystal. From the band grows the vine leaf made of a gold plate covered on both sides with translucent enamel, and a convoluted tendril of gold wire.

h = 180.
MNK XIII-2340.
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Ювелирная шкатулка
Jewelry box
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