Картуш гербовый {je1385}
Armorial cartouche »
Краков: музей Национальный
Crakow: The National Museum
A quartered shield with coats of arms of Poland and Lithuania, from separate casts surrounded by volute and scrollwork ornaments, mascarons, clusters jf fruit, and ribbons. At the top a lion's head with open mouth, from which two plant shoots are growing, and a trefoil with the date "1604". In the middle had originally probably been placed a small five-field shield with the arms of Sweden, Gotland, and the Vasas. The cartouche was surmounted by a royal crown, now missing, and surrounded with a chain of the Order of the Golden Fleece, of which only one link in the lower part of the cartouche has remained.
1604. ~Gdansk.
Brass cast. »
Gilding. »
MNK XII-1265.
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