Жезл {je1386}
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Краков: музей Национальный
Crakow: The National Museum
вензель SA
wezel SA »

On the tubes, openwork in parts, a rythmically repeated motif of cartouche in relief with scrolled ornament clasped by two pairs of dolphins, and the head of a putto with a hanging scarf in the middle. At the top of the upper tube a repoussé coat of arms "Jastrzebiec". On the shaft silver fittings in the form of double entwined initials "SA" (Sigismundus Augustus) under a royal crown. The decorative elements of the staff may come from various periods; the royal initials were probably added during the life of ring Sigismundus Augustus, tubes probably s little later; the coat of arms "Jastrzebiec" was associated hypotheticaly with Andrew Zborowsky, crown court marshal in 1574 - 1589.

< 1572. Poland.
Silver. »
A cane mounted in silver tubes, cast and gilt, and in four openwork fittings of sheet silver.
h = 1436.
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