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Staff of Stanislaw Herakliusz Lubomirsky, Crown Grand Marchal (1676 - 1702)
Краков: музей Национальный
Crakow: The National Museum
An octagonal staff, tapering downwards, decorated with five metal fittings on which motifs of eagles with coats of arms and initials set with diamond, both surmounted by royal crowns and ducal coronets with diamonds. On the upper fitting at the top a Polish Eagle, and around, in the cartouches, a Polish Eagle and Pursuit, the arms of Lithuania; on the other ones^ the initials "I" (Ioannes) and "T" (Tertius); regalia, against a cartouche and entwined initials "TR" (Tertius) or "ITR" (Ioannes Tertius); initials "R" (Rex) and "P" (Poloniae); at the end of staff again the Polish Eagle and Pursuit, and also among repoussé motifs a shield with the "Janina" coat of arms of the Sobieski family.
1683. Poland.
Wood blackened, fittings of sheet gold repoussé and engraved; originally partly enamelled, set with diamonds and almandines.
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h = 1460.
MNK XIII-3176.
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