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Гофман Г.
Georg Hoffmann (active 1586 - 1609)
Краков: музей Национальный
Crakow: The National Museum
GH (entwined initials, the goldsmith's mark)

W (city stamp, used from 1553 to ~ 1615)

~1600. Wroclaw.
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A shell of the species turbo (olearia) marmoratus S mounted in gilded silver, party cast, embossed, chiselled and engraved, set with precious and semi-precious stones. The body of the peacock constitutes the bowl, and the back with wings, neck, and head, constitutes the cover. The mounting, engraved in floral motifs and, on the tail, in peacock's eyes (with traces of black enamel), is richly decorated in relief with: grotesques, a representation of Caritas, female busts, lion's head, and crystal, cornelian, and ruby settings. A small figure of Neptune on a dolphin is added on the back of the peacock, originally holding in his right hand reins threaded through rings round the neck and the beak of the bird, and in his left a trident. On the foot of the goblet are represented snakes, snails, and two lizards, these last in relief. The drcorative motifs reveal the influence of the art of Hans Jamnitzer, the Nuremberg goldsmith. On the reverse of the cover an engraved coat of arms with three lion's heads, above it the letters "E-M".

h = 65.

Weight 1380 g.
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