Музей ГИА
GIA Museum
Музей Гемологического института Америки
The GIA Museum strives to increase awareness of gems, jewelry and gemology through exhibits and lectures that educate and engage the public and the industry.
The Museum actively builds its collection for education, research and display. As a nonprofit organization, GIA gratefully accepts charitable gifts of gems and jewelry.
The GIA Museum’s current focus is building the Historical Collection, a sophisticated collection of jewelry, objets d’art and gemstones of known provenance from earlier cultures and periods. When you donate part of your own treasured collection to the GIA Museum, you’ll be helping to tell the fascinating story of gemstones and jewelry through the ages to people around the world.
Carlsbad (CA, USA)
Историческая коллекция Gubelin gem collection

Коллекция камней и минералов

Gems and minerals collection

Коллекция художественных объектов

Objets d’Art Collection Ювелирная коллекция
Jewelry collection
посвящённый предмет:
Ювелирная шкатулка
Jewelry box
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